Kradl Portable Greenhouse Kit

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Super EASY and HASSLE FREE to set up!

If you’d love to get a jump start or simply would like to extend your gardening season, the Kradl Portable Greenhouse Kit got you covered.

Our pop up greenhouse can shade your plants from heavy rain, strong winds, unwanted elements and even frost for your delicate plants. It’s perfect for all seasons. This very handy diy greenhouse is a valuable investment and great addition to your homesteading and gardening kit.

It is large enough to cover multiple plant shelves and garden beds. Also, the greenhouse tent design makes it very easy to set up and take down anytime. The durable canopy ensures that your plants are protected from almost all sorts of element nature can throw at your precious plants.

The Kradl DIY Greenhouse Kit includes one 69 x 69 x 81 inches greenhouse, eight stakes, four guy ropes, three door poles, and a storage case.

Safe and Happy Plants:

This mini greenhouse is guaranteed to keep your plants safe during the cold winter, heavy rain and keep away unwanted critters that might infest your precious plants. It’s been tried and proven to be very effective in  protecting your seedlings, vegetables, herbs and shrubs. Your plants will surely grow much faster, healthier and happier within this plant house.

Easy to Set Up:

Our pop up greenhouse requires minimal effort to assemble and takes just a few minutes to set up or take apart. Aside from being very easy to install, it is also made from lightweight and sturdy materials making it very easy to move around without damaging the material. Set it up in your garden, backyard, patio or anywhere!

Stable Shelter for your Plants Outdoor:

Kradl's collapsible greenhouse comes with a set of heavy-duty stakes so it can be securely anchored to the ground. This added stability is to assure that the small greenhouse stays in place during strong winds or heavy rain. It’s made from high quality plastic material that can withstand multiple planting seasons.

Designed to Last:

This portable all season greenhouse is waterproof to provide quality protection for your plants and is semi-transparent. The greenhouse provides two vents one on each side to provide proper ventilation and a door in front that can be zipped close to keep the greenhouse warm or rolled up to allow plenty of ventilation.

Perfect Growing Environment:

Our product serves as an indoor and outdoor backyard greenhouse so you can extend your growing season technically anywhere! The greenhouse tent can be placed right over your raised garden beds or accommodate multiple plant shelves. It’s an ideal garden shed for your starter seeds, herbs and vegetables. It is wonderful in maintaining warmth and humidity so your plants can grow healthy. It can serve as a flower house or as a convenient greenhouse for winter.