Kradl Portable Greenhouse Kit| Outdoor, Instant Pop Up Canopy for Plants | Waterproof Plant Cover |

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If you’d love to get a jump start or extend your gardening season, Kradl’s portable, pop-up greenhouse is perfect for you.

It can shade your plants from rain, frost, wind and unwanted elements. It provides a warm environment for your seedlings to grow in. It’s large enough to cover multiple plant shelves and garden beds.

The pop up design makes it very easy to set up and take down so you can use it only when you need it, or set it up quickly for that unexpected frost. It can be used as an outdoor shed or indoor greenhouse. The durable canopy ensures that your plants are protected from the elements.

It’s a valuable investment and great addition to your gardening kit.

The Kradl Greenhouse Kit includes one 69 x 69 x 81 inches greenhouse, eight stakes, four guy ropes, three door poles, and a storage case.