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Are you Transplanting a Tree?
There is an easier way
From: Steven Atkinson
Date: 2018
Location: Malad, Idaho
When transplanting a tree, you MUST think about how to give it the best environment possible, which is not always easy to provide for your newly purchased tree. How you support your tree can either encourage health or become a fatal detriment and hinderance to your tree. At Kradl, we have created a way to support your tree while maintaining two vital benefits: 1) Range of Motion for Encouraged Root Development and 2) Non-Invasive Installation. The concept of range of motion and root development for a tree was introduced to us in 2009, and it was clear that a solution was needed both for us and for the many others who tried our basic prototypes.
Here is where Kradl comes in. Our tree support has surpassed the initial two needs for our trees and includes amazing benefits for the installer: 
  •  Natural Tree Movement: Encourages instead of handicaps your tree.
  • Stimulate Root Growth: Let your tree brace itself naturally. 
  • No Attaching to the Tree: Don't tie to the limbs or strap to the trunk and cause regretted scarring.
  •  Reusable: One investment for several trees.
  •  One Person Installation: No more frustration or calling in favors from neighbors.
  •  Time Savings: Installs in minutes.
  •  Adjustable Legs: Slopes? No problem.
  •  Push and Click Assembly: The only tool from your garage.....a hammer. Yep, that's it.
  •  No Mold or Mildew: Allowing the trunk to breathe.
No more frustration of piece-mealing products from the hardware store, hauling your tool chest around the yard, or buying a kit with cheap supplies. Strapping, tying, "google-ing" knots, re-tying, cutting, tightening, untying, breaking cheap stakes, re-stringing, and strapping directly to the tree.
A Healthy Start to a Better Tree!
With Kradl, now it’s SUPER easy to CLICK together, it looks great, it allows movement and growth, and it only touches your tree when needed…..goodbye, overgrown straps. Not only that, but it’s affordable and built tough. Now we all have the option for the healthier, simpler, non-intrusive support that our trees need. 
Enjoy more time in your yard.
Keep your trees and yard looking sharp.
Anybody can do this. It's so easy.
Grow Healthier Trees!
Steven Atkinson
P.S. : We look forward to start shipping this April/May and can't wait to see these in your yard. Thanks for visiting!
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