Kradl Tree Support for Young Trees

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The concept of free range of motion and root development for a tree was introduced to us in 2009, and it just made sense. We are Kradl, and we have a new, better, faster way to stake your trees.

Back in 2016, our team began to feel and realize that there was a solution anyone could install. We went through several designs to eliminate the frustration of piece-mealing products from the tree section of the hardware store, to keep from hauling your tool chest around the yard, and to be better than buying a kit with cheap supplies that needs knots (and a knowledge of them). Strapping, cutting, tightening, untying, breaking cheap stakes, re-stringing, and strapping directly to the tree were all things that needed to be done away with.

With Kradl, now it’s SUPER easy to CLICK together, it looks great, it allows movement and growth, and it only touches your tree when needed…..goodbye, overgrown straps. Not only that, but it’s affordable and built tough. Now we all have the option for a healthier, simpler, non-intrusive support that our trees need. 

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